Bill Gates loves Peace Dot Partner Khan Academy

Bill Gates recently said that he uses Peace Dot Partner Khan Academy to tutor his children in their studies!

Khan Academy is a one man operation that is transforming how education is delivered in the world.

Khan Academy founder Salman Khan believes that education is a key antecedent to peace:

We strongly believe that ignorance is the root of all conflict and that enlightenment is a fundamental ingredient for peace.

With this in mind, we are measuring our contribution to peace as the minutes of education delivered in the past week.

Khan Academy Peace Metric: 6,307,245 minutes of education delivered world-wide in the past week.

Khan Academy is an exemplary Peace Dot partner because they actively

track and measure the impact of what they do.  By using YouTube’s built in analytics plus their own, Khan Academy can quickly identify what works, what doesn’t and refine their video courses for maximum impact.

If that wasn’t enough, Khan Academy is embracing open source, mass collaboration and open innovation by inviting people to create their own instructional videos, translate existing lessons, create interactive exercise dashboards or coach students anywhere in the world.

Want to help make education truly accessible anywhere in the world?

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