Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Peace Innovation Hackathon May 11 & 12 2012 A

Warm greetings from Stanford Peace Innovation Lab, and from our colleagues at Carnegie Mellon and Telecom ParisTech.

After an exciting and successful 2nd prototype of our Peace Innovation Workshop at CMU-SV, we’re extremely happy and excited to announce that we’re doing it again!

What: The third iteration Peace Innovation Workshop/Hackathon (v0.3 beta)

When: 9am–5pm Fri May 11 and Sat May 12, 2012


Where: Room 109/110 at Building 23, Carnegie Mellon University-Silicon Valley, on the NASA Ames Research Campus.  Or participate online here via Adobe Connect! ( Just log in as a guest


Cost: FREE. If you like what we’re doing, you may bring snacks, donate something to cover costs, or introduce us to sponsors


Why? We’re building the next iterations of as an open source public facing web-app (  Over the coming months we will add in peace data from many other platforms and sources.

Please save the May 11-12 date and join us.  RSVP here. (

Draft Agenda: After some lightning talks on breakthroughs, methods and processes on Friday morning, we’ll dive into a series of one hour rapid-prototyping sprints for the afternoon and Saturday.  We’ll end with a post-mortem session to improve (and start organizing) the next workshop–yes, the workshops themselves are also rapid prototypes in an extended series, and we’re iterating them as fast as possible with partners around the world.  That means you could host one at your organization, and we would be delighted to support you in that!

So, what’s the goal? We’ll work together on how to automatically gather peace data from inter-group activity in social media.  In this next workshop, as a creative constraint we’ll focus specifically and deeply on the peace data in Facebook “Likes” and comments.  We’ll explore how to process this data, and quantify the amount of positive social interaction… That’s right, we’re trying to automatically “measure peace” at large scales, at very high resolutions, in real-time.

How will we do this? We’ll break into four groups, by skill or interest: Organizing, AppDev, Research, and Business.

Teams of three, either mixed or specialized, will then work in one hour sprints to rapid-prototype solutions in each of these four domains.

AppDev teams will prototype UI, UX, or code for app/game/tool pieces of the overall instrument (

Business teams will prototype solutions for partnership, marketing, biz models, value add, monetization, etc.

Research teams will prototype ideas for papers, experiments, grant applications, research collaborations, and so forth

Organizing teams will build tools and processes to support the workshop itself, the global community of practitioners involved in this project; to improve future workshops in the series, and pass work from each workshop forward most efficiently.

…all focused on the topic of measuring peace.

At the end of the workshop, we will also have created metrics for ourselves, based on the nationality data we hope you’ll share in the RSVP, on the number of cross-national-border episodes of Minimum Acceptable Peaceful Interactions (MAPIs) we’ve created by working together over these two days.  In future workshops we’ll add other boundary dimensions of group identities to that list.  Pretty cool, right?

If you think this sounds interesting and want to spend a couple days hacking away at a rapid prototype, consider coming to the event.  This will be a great experience, a wonderful opportunity to meet some really interesting people, an opportunity to take a leadership role in an emerging global community –and a lot of fun!  If you’ve got questions, feel free to ask any of us.

Please RSVP here:

See you there!


Mark  (on behalf of Patrick Tague, Annie Gentes, Margarita Quihuis, and the rest of the organizing team)