Romancing the Border – Triggering Prosocial Crossborder Behavior to Reduce Conflict

Stanford Peace Innovation Lab members Mark Nelson and Margarita Quihuis invite Pakistanis and Indians to post video greetings to each other on the Romancing the Border Facebook and YouTube sites, an initiative by Indian & Pakistani University Students around the World & backed by Stanford University Peace Innovation Lab to disseminate messages of love across the border.

Romancing the Border is an effort to spread messages of peace and love across the India-Pakistan border – the biggest conflict area in the world today. The project evolves around a proven fact that when people from both sides get to interact and mingle, all the reservations they have immediately curtail and people realize how similar they are. However, most Indians and Pakistanis will never get a chance to meet a person from the other side and experience this change in their thinking. So, Romancing the Border will provide a social media platform for people from both sides to interact and virtually get to know each other. A strong focus would be laid on the similarities and this will help fade away the differences in the minds of people from both sides.The project is being incubated under Stanford University’s Peace Innovation lab.