Berlin Peace Innovation lab Hosts July 19 Meet Up on Health

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Health Appification – How might we combine Medicine and IT, to bring patients and doctors closer together.

Barbara Rath, MD PhD is a pediatric infectious disease specialist and the head and co-founder of an international think tank aiming to promote evidence-based vaccine safety research and communication. At the Charite she is Principle Investigator, Paediatric Infectious Diseases & Vaccines and has 15+ years clinical and research experience in the US, Latin America and Europe. She is Steering Committee member in BioVacSafe (, an EU-IMI funded public private partnership program for the development of novel biomarkers for enhanced vaccines immunosafety.
Christian Hoppe, B.Sc., is the CTO of while conducting his master studies in Bioinformatics in the context of a joint collaboration between Barbara’s group at Charite Berlin with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Freie Universitaet Berlin and the Robert Koch Institute. His main project focuses on the development of cutting edge tools to speed up and improve the testing and monitoring of vaccine and drug safety.

7.00: Welcome + ‘check in’
7.30: Presentations ” Health Appification”
8.00: Q&A
8.15: Collaborative Working Session
9.00: Networking at Kuchenkaiser (
Background Vienna Vaccine Safety Initative
Any medical intervention should be safe and effective. However, immunization safety concerns have become increasingly prominent with the near elimination of many vaccine preventable diseases worldwide. Vienna Vaccine Safety Initative, an international, scientific forum is aiming to promote evidence-based vaccine safety research and communication, have launched an expert-driven initative to create your personal vaccination assistant (VaccApp) which is entirely industry independent and non-profit. Vi-Vi is also creating an expert network to the implementation and promotion of vaccine safety standards in different parts of the world.