Data Visualization & Data Journalism

In the non-profit world and civil sector resources can be scarce, but there’s never a shortage of data. Nonprofits track finances, services, outcomes and external data about their issue areas. Embedded in all that data are stories waiting to be told. Stories that can drive political change and inspire higher efficiency. The world’s best news organizations tell data stories digitally with rich visuals and interactives that make complex data accessible to broad audiences. Imagine if non-profits applied the same principles and technologies to data they already track. It is not a future ambition, the tools are already here!

The Berlin Peace Innovation Lab and the Impact Hub welcomed Javier de la Torre, CEO and co-founcer of Vizzulity and CartoDB, companies leading the change for product strategy and business development. As an expert on biodiversity informatics, open data, and mapping software, Javier covered the topics of data analysis, visualization, biodiversity, mapping, and citizen science in his inspiring introduction. He later brought the group discussion to address: How can my organization apply and benefit from data visualization and data driven story-telling?


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