Movement for Empathy and Social Wellbeing (Meetup on July 6)

Numerous studies have cited the importance of movement and exercise to reduce personal stress, offset depression and improve overall health and well-being.  As individuals devote more time to their personal devices, there is a corresponding decline in time dedicated to face to face social activities, movement and fitness in the physical world. 

How might mobile social technology be designed to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem? 

Moreover, since studies also show a direct corelation between coordinated physical motion with others and empathy for them, how might we design applications that encourage people to meet to engage in coordinated movement (such as dance, sports and other fitness activities) that would result in stronger social cohesion and empathy? Can we design improved health to increase community peace, and use improved peace to motivate improved health?

We had a great two hours of brainstorming and prototyping sprint as we imagine new ways of rediscovering our bodies, our friends and community, and the larger physical world.


Mark Nelson & Margarita Quihuis, Co-Directors, Stanford Peace Innovation Lab