High-Level Panel Session ‘Big Data for Humanity’

(Event recap is a repost of the  summary from the Leiden University College The Hague)

On Monday 18th of August, the Peace Informatics Lab (Leiden University) hosted a high-level panel session on “Big Data for Humanity” in The Hague. The event was organised in cooperation with the Leiden Centre of Data Science, New World Campus and Leiden University Campus The Hague, and was part of Campus The Hague’s “Big Data for Peace Summer School” week.

Thanks to all attendees of the high-level panel session Big Data for Humanity – with a special thanks to Ingrid van Engelshoven (Deputy Mayor of The Hague), moderator Ellen de Lange (OneWorld) and our panelists:

  • Robert Kirkpatrick: United Nations Global Pulse (Director)
  • William Hoffman: Data Driven Development, World Economic Forum (Associate Director)
  • Mark Nelson: Stanford Peace Innovation Lab (Co-Director and Founder)
  • Jaap van den Herik: Leiden Centre of Data Science, Leiden University (Director)
  • Caroline Kroon: Open Development, Cordaid (Senior Corporate Strategist)

Big data for humanity

How could the ever-growing amounts of digital data help us improve the conditions of the global poor? Will more data allow us to improve policy responses to humanitarian crises and violent conflicts? Could Big Data help us bring about peace, development and stability?

Big Data has often been described as a fuel for both innovation and our economy. It is being applied in many areas, for example financial markets, health and fast moving consumer goods. With this panel session, we want to explore current trends in and prospects for Big Data to become a driver for human development. This event is part of the Peace Informatics Lab’s efforts to build a community of practitioners, researchers and policymakers interested in applying Big Data and data analytics in the field of peace, justice and development.



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