Collaborative Sandbox: Encouraging empathy in groups

What can we learn from improv theater warm-up exercises?

Let’s play! For good collaboration, empathy is crucial. With a better sense of what the others feel, want and may do, we can trust a lot easier, move quicker, and we dare to be more courageous, and to make ourselves more vulnerable.

Who’d know this better than improv threater groups? They have developed a wealth of warm-up exercises for themselves to feel connected and “act as one”.

If you ever experienced improv warm-up exercises you know what we mean. Improv warm-ups have nothing to do with “practicing to be funny” or so: They’re all about being deeply aware of each other, and in full empathy. It’s a collection of fun, simple, easy-to-do group games like tossing a ball or holding a string, in a clever way that can only be done well together. It’s a great way to start team-work with friends or strangers, in any situation. So let’s do it, too!


We will not perform or practice improv theater: We’re just going to play games together that we can all repeat at work and with friends, whenever we think that encouraging empathy would do us good. Just free up your mind and come to have fun with us!


For capacity reasons, this pilot workshop is strictly limited to 16 participants. If you want to join us, please sign up on our meetup page and be sure to cancel if you can’t make it, so that someone else can come.


Please wear comfortable clothes, come on time, and be prepared to take your shoes off.


Stefan has arranged and planned several Impro-Workshops for beginners. He’s played impro for 10 years and still discovers new aspects of himself and his teammates of Spontius&Spielatus. By believing that every stage is a place of truth where you discover yourself, he likes to open opportunities for others to delve playfully into their own self and of course having fun doing so.

Klaus has played Impro for about 8 years and just does not want to stop it, because it is so much fun, so much team-work and such a good way to balance life, if you are stressed.


The Berlin Peace Innovation Lab and the go21 network are excited to invite you to our next Collaborative Sandbox workshop.