Collaborative Sandbox: Creativity and the control of attention

In our next Collaborative Sandbox we want to explore creativity.

– Am I creative? Where do good ideas come from? What do I need to come up with good ideas? How do I know if my ideas are good?

We are excited to have Jörg Koslowsky as our guest speaker from bettertoday, who will give us an inspirational talk about ” The control of attentions – The different thought patterns of our work”.
In the second part of the meetup we will have an exercise to explore our own creativity. When are we creative? How does this feel? What nurtures and what blocks our creativity? We will transfer the results to our work life and discuss its meaning.

What is Collaborative Sandbox?

We like to give you tools on your hands, which prepares you to create change. Instead of just discussing the next interesting topics in organizational or societal change, we want to dig deeper: play, test and give you first hand experiences. Then, share, reflect and get smarter- together!


18.45 Arrival
19.00 Welcome & inspirational input from Jörg Koslowsky
19.45 Start of the Workshop
20.15 Transfer into your daily life
20.30 Short presentations & Group reflection
21.00 Beer o´clock! (opportunity to network and get some drinks)

Limited Space

40 people can fit in the room. “First come first serve”.

*If you have signed up, and cannot attend, please make sure to delete your participation, to leave room for others to attend. Thank you!


bettertoday is an interdisciplinary consultancy for user-centered innovation. It helps companies to to develop products and services, working environments and teams that thrive. bettertoday provide access to a local and international network of experts and institutions in the field of design thinking, talent recruiting and development, workshop design and facilitation as well as sustainable city development and planning.
bettertoday is based at the d.collective, a Co-working space in Berlin-Neukölln.

Berlin Peace Innovation Lab, as part of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab global network, focuses on how technology is facilitating emerging and measurable social changes toward global peace. The Berlin Peace Innovation Lab provides design frameworks, principles and methodologies for interventions that will increase positive engagement at scale.