INNOVATING PUBLIC HEALTH : Where medicine, technology & entrepreneurship meet

The “growing importance of health in the economy” was named one of the 10 biggest issues impacting the world in 2015, by the World Economic Forum. 

Economic progress and personal wellbeing are closely related, and together they create exciting new business opportunities all over the world. In addition, major developments in online and mobile technology make it easier and cheaper than ever to prevent, detect and treat medical conditions. Merging medicine, business and technology therefore carry a big promise of improving millions of lives in the future.

The established world of medicine and the emerging technology- and entrepreneurial scene are, however, often wide apart. This evening we will therefore explore how the World Health Summit can help build common ground to improve public health care in the future.


• 18.30 Doors open

• 19.00 Welcome & Energizer: Purpose of the evening – Anne Riechert, Founder Berlin Peace Innovation Lab

• 19.15 Presentation: Professor Dr. Detlev Ganten, Founding President of the World Health Summit

• 19.45 Group discussion: How might we build a high-impact platform where world-class medicine and visionary entrepreneurs meet? Who are the right partners to make it happen?

• 20.45 Collective: Share insights and ideas

• 21.30 “Drink o´Clock”


Professor Dr. Detlev Ganten is the founding president of the World Health Summit. He is Chairman of the board of the Charité Foundation and editor of the Journal of Molecular Medicine. In addition to serving on several boards he has published numrerous articles and several books, most recently: ”Die Gesundheitsformel”, Knaus Verlag 2014. He is a specialist in pharmacology and molecular medicine and is one of the leading scientists worldwide in the field of hypertension. From 2004 to 2008 Professor Ganten was CEO of the Charité.


Mimi is a Berlin-based start-up that combines the latest technology with science and design to improve the experience of hearing. By doing so, they make hearing technology more accessible, affordable and attractive to the over 360 million people worldwide who are suffering from hearing loss.

Eobiont is a Berlin-based agency with a focus on public awareness and behavior change. The campaigns they have developed are often directed at a specific demographic such as children or seniors. Topics include safety, health and education.

Berlin Peace Innovation Lab, as part of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab global network, focuses on how technology is facilitating emerging and measurable social changes toward global peace. The Berlin Peace Innovation Lab provides design frameworks, principles and methodologies for interventions that will increase positive engagement at scale.


The World Health Summit is the annual conference of the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies. Their vision is to improve health worldwide, catalyzed through collaboration and open dialogue, setting tomorrow’s agenda for improved research, education, health care and policy.