How to Grow Crowds for Causes

What’s a crowd? At first, it’s your family. Then it’s your friends and acquaintances. Then, at some point, it’s (hopefully) a large circle of people that you’ve managed to engage in supporting your cause or mission.

So how does one build this circle? As a platform focused on exploring how technology can help achieve global peacethe Berlin Peace Innovation Lab offered us an opportunity to reflect on the power of the crowd. Participants had the chance to directly interact with the subject matter, as the evening’s speakers offered their first-hand experience in building and managing crowds. Shai Hoffmann is the driving force behind the Karma Chakhs, a crowd-created shoe that is produced in fair manner and comes with good karma. Van Bo Le-Mentzel initiated the Hartz IV Moebel, an open source, low-budget, DIY furniture collective. He also initiated and successfully crowdfunded or crowdcreated various other projects like the dClassConference (21./22.02), the “Unreal Estate House” and even the unconditional basic income for himself to work freely for a whole year. Daniel Seyde is an engineer by education and a product manager by profession. Besides volunteering as a ambassador in Berlin, he also is doing a small blog celebrating the joy of having lunch with great people.

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