Design Thinking without Borders

At the Berlin Peace Innovation Lab we like to experiment and test the boundaries of collaboration and innovation. This Sunday will be no exception. Actually, it will be the most extreme learning journey we have ever taken on!

In the 3-hour workshop we will join forces with a former IDEO´er, 3 Sudanese entrepreneurs and the UNDP Innovation Hub in Khartoum to explore how design thinking can drive social change.


12.30 Doors open

13.00 Welcome & Energizer: connecting Khartoum & Berlin

13.20 Presentation: Design Thinking in Action – Jeewon Jung

13.50 Presentation: Design Thinking for Impact: 3 Sudanese Entrepreneurs

14.40 Group work: Prepare feedback for the entrepreneurs

15.10 Collective: Share feedback and ideas

16.00 Good bye


Jeewon Jung is educated and trained as an industrial designer who worked at a design consulting firm IDEO for 8 years before relocating to Berlin. She believes in improving the quality of life of people through design and has been dedicated her life for it. Currently, she is working at BCG Digital Ventures as a design lead and exploring vibrant creative scene in town.


1) Khansa Al  Hag :

Education: Biomedical Engineer, MSC, National Strategic planning.

Experiences: Running two startups on his own; Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community (NGO) as a volunteer; Startup weekend Facilitator; National host of Global Entrepreneurship week; Arab’s first innovation camp – Sudan Team.

2) Omer Suleiman Mohamed

Education: Um Dorman Islamic University College of Business Management, MBA, 2015.

Experiences: Works with Sudan Youth Organisation against HIV. Duty Director of the projects from Dec 2013 to Dec 2014.

Founder and Executive director for LAMSA NAJAH for trader business; Practitioners in voluntary works through Facebook and social media from 2009 until 2014; Participates on United Nation HIV International Day Forum; One of the co-founders of the successful “I AM” initiative.

Skills: Designer of different training material bags, Designer of Training Games using innovation for education learning systems

3) Mohamed Al Muatism Hader Ibrahim

Education: Sudan University of Science and Technology, Department of Engineering, Mechanic Engineer.

Interest: Peace building, Conflict resolutions, Women issues, Youth issues and community mobilization


The event is free for participants, but we would appreciate donations (approx. 10 euros) in the end, of which 100% will be used to improve the conditions for refugees in Berlin.


Berlin Peace Innovation Lab, as part of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab global network, focuses on how technology is facilitating emerging and measurable social changes toward global peace. The Berlin Peace Innovation Lab provides design frameworks, principles and methodologies for interventions that will increase positive engagement at scale.

The Peace Innovation Hub (PIH) is an open forum for civil society organization, national institutions, international organizations, and individuals who are working on and interested in issues of peace in Sudan.

The PIH was established in 2014 within the Peace Research Institute(PRI), University of Khartoum in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Sudan’s peace building programme: Joint Conflict Reduction Programme (JCRP). The PIH aims to offer a space to regularly meet to discuss peace and conflict transformation, share experiences and knowledge, and provide new ideas for peacebuilding in Sudan. The objective of the PIH is to link peacebuilders and further develop the capacities of its members on peacebuilding through information sharing and joint learning from our work in Sudan and from global best practices.

The Impact Hub Berlin is community is made up of social businesses addressing challenges both locally and globally. Our members are entrepreneurs, social investors, freelancers, advocates, campaigners, creatives, artists, consultants, coaches and more.