Innovation for/with Refugees: Next Steps

This summer the Peace Innovation Lab Berlin has hosted a series of larger and smaller meeting around the theme: ‘Innovation for and with Refugees’.

Now we get back together for the next steps. We warmly invite you to hear where the different projects now stand, share your experiences, and join the projects for this next phase. The projects that have came out of the Peace Innovation Labs or joined us for part of the way are:

• Refugees on Rails

• ReStart

• Knowit

• InfoCompass

At the end of this summer, we decided that you eventually need to stop talking, and start doing. So this fall, the projects set off one by one. Now, we want to bring everyone together again for an evening where we share experiences.

It is not just an evening to get together again, it is also an evening where we want to invite you, our community of peace labsters, and the members of the Migration hub to join us. Your fresh insights and experience are invaluable.

Also, if you are working on a project that you would like to propose, you can join us in the mix.

Dec 3, 2015 · 7:00 PM
migration hub @ startupboat


In the first hour, we will together together debate where Social Entrepreneurship and Refugee Projects meet, introduce the projects and where they now stand.

In the second hour, we will hold a project clinic. In smaller groups, we will hold small brainstorm sessions, where we can discuss the projects one per one in depth, and find solutions for challenges together.

Organizer: Berlin Peace Innovation Lab

as part of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab global network, focuses on how technology is facilitating emerging and measurable social changes toward global peace. The Berlin Peace Innovation Lab provides design frameworks, principles and methodologies for interventions that will increase positive engagement at scale.

Host: Migration Hub

Migration Hub Berlin is part of Migration Hub Network. Migration Hubs are physical and virtual space that leverage the expertise of the local tech community and synergizes with the talented migrant community. We create viable solutions for the pressing challenges of mass migration.