Culture is the New Care

With healthcare models across the globe moving to more preventative models, our daily environments and interactions that make up parts of our culture become the first layer of healthcare.

By applying design thinking to healthcare, more specifically taking a culture design approach to prototype social solutions for prevention, we can transform healthcare delivery to make prevention more successful and engaging in order to make health simple, viral, affordable and accessible to communities across the globe.

Let’s take a look into what culture design is and how we apply the design thinking tools and mindset to create engaging healthcare experiences across cultures.

March 10 · 6:30 PM

Doors open at 18:30. We start at 19:00


Debbie is a healthcare experience designer, who after failing to find a graduate program that would teach her what she wanted to know in order to truly innovate in healthcare, designed her own experiential masters or ‘pre entrepreneurial year’ in healthcare innovation across the globe called My Life Major. Originally trained in culture design innovation in New Zealand, she started her career in social entrepreneurship by founding DesignGel, a creative agency to help young designers launch their careers by applying design skills to non-profits and startups in need of creative thinking. She then pursued a career in healthcare gamification through startups creating video games for stroke rehabilitation and social gamification platforms for smoking cessation. After graduating, she went on to work in Silicon Valley and Singapore for companies known for their highly creative organisational culture, bridging product design and culture design for creative agencies, government and tech companies like IDEO, The White House, DesignSingapore, Sony and Gensler and is now working as a UX designer at, a smart hearing technology startup based here in Berlin.