The Peace Innovation Lab is part of Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

The Lab’s research

The Peace Innovation Lab has been at Stanford since 2008, initially as a class then a project within the Persuasive Technology Lab and then as a formal lab. Our work sits at the intersection of behavioral psychology, technology, innovation, and business.


We research how to design positive, pro-social behavior at scale using mediating technology, to help more people be more good to each other. As we have established this new field, our work has evolved to encompass the surprising connection between business, technology, and peace. This new, technology-enabled approach to building positive peace delivers practical interventions that increase sustainable, mutually beneficial social behavior—especially trade, commerce, and value-generating behavior.

The Peace Innovation Process helps people use behavior design to create precision PeaceTech. Peace Innovation practitioners design these positive persuasive technologies to augment their ability to be good to each other. These technologies specifically increase both the quantity and quality of positive engagement between people. In organizations, the result is improved collaboration, innovation, and culture. These all combine to yield faster and better value creation, higher stakeholder engagement among all stakeholders–not just customers. This directly drives brand value.

Who We Work With

We work with corporations, governments, NGOs and anyone interested in how to improve people’s ability to cooperate, collaborate and innovate with each other across a difference boundary be it gender, class, religion, age or even something as ordinary as a profession or department (accounting vs product development anyone?). We work with corporations on programs as varied as the creation of internal innovation labs, how to implement behavior design programs for employee retention/satisfaction and customer engagement, research and case studies, and guidance on new products and services that are ESG and UN SDG compliant.

We believe that business can have the biggest impact in creating sustainable, mutually beneficial positive peace and societal stability in the world.

Contact Us

Mark Nelson or Margarita Quihuis