Oct 12 – 14, 2018 Dash Design Hackathon PeaceTech

For anyone who has read the news this last year, you will know that positive relations between genders in tech companies in Silicon Valley is not going well. In fact, data and anecdotal evidence all seem to indicate the position of women in tech is actually getting worse, not better. This matters profoundly because as these tech companies build products that will be adopted and used by billions of people around the planet, the implicit biases of the design teams are not only perpetuated but amplified by the technology they design.
For this challenge, a certain process developed by Peace Innovation Labs is applied and it will differ from other challenges in dash*. The process starts with identifying the most remarkable factors in the given subject. After that, you start examining the stakeholders behind these factors and identify which two make the biggest difference. The problem is worked by rapid prototyping in teams of three people. Teams are delivering every half an hour and after every sprint the teams are mixed. Everyone is working on the same problem together

To ensure the fast and safe deployment of these technologies, this track will use a different, more participatory and collaborative design process, where university students will be designing solutions with, by, and for each other.
Successful participation in this track will also open the door to future research collaboration and project work with the Peace Innovation Labs in Finland and around the world.

Past Activities

Autumn Qtr Stanford 2017 CS 50: CS For Good – Peace Data Dashboard

Oct 18 – 20, 2017 Innogy and Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford: Big5 Workshop San Francisco

Jul 17 – Aug 5, 2017 Stanford PreCollegiate Studies: Design as Discovery: Peace Technology and Design Thinking

May 11-12 2016 Oslo/Open Innovation Lab of Norway: Rapid Experimental Deal Design

Apr 5-6 2016 Oslo/Open Innovation Lab of Norway: Rapid Experimental Deal Design

Mar 31 2016 Fayetteville: Introduction to Behavior Design, Principles of Persuasive Technology and Peace Innovation

Nov 2015 Finland/Aalto University: Rapid Experimental Deal Design (REDD) Workshop

Sep 2015 The Hague/Univ of Leiden Peace Informatics Lab: Food Security Rapid Prototyping

Sep 2015 Finland/Aalto University: Rapid Experimental Deal Design (REDD) Workshop

Jul 2015 The Hague/Peace Innovation Lab@Hague: Summer Institute

Jul 2015 The Hague/Peace Innovation Lab@Hague: Lab Organizer Workshop

Apr 2015 Bogota: Peace Innovation Workshop

Nov 2014 The Hague/University of  Leiden Peace Informatics Lab: Rapid Innovation Master Class

Oct 2014 Oddsherrod Kommune, Denmark : Peace Innovation Workshop

Fall 2014 Stanford University d.school: Getting to Trust in Conflict Environments

2014 Aalborg, Denmark: Peace Innovation Workshop