Q: What is Peace Innovation?
A: Peace Innovation is a new approach to building peace that focuses on real world interventions that leverage insights into technology and human interaction to reduce conflict and precursors to conflict.

Q: How do we effect change?
A: We do research in collaboration, open innovation, social computing, persuasive technology & the potential of social networks to change society for the better. All of our research projects are in the field interventions that are data driven, effectively incubating peace startups using our access, resources and prestige as capital.

Q: What is the Peace Innovation Lab?
A: Read about it here.

Q: How can I find out more about the current Peace Innovation Lab projects?
A: Refer to the PIL “Projects” Section under the main menu.

Q: I’d like to be a visiting scholar in your group. What do I need to do to make this happen?
A: If you are interested in doing research with the lab at Stanford University, there are several ways this can happen.For information about being a visiting scholar at Stanford, please read this information first.

While these are the primary ways that you can do research with the lab, there may be other opportunities. Please email Margarita Quihuis with your specific interests.

Q: How can I collaborate with your lab?
A: We realize our work can benefit with collaborations with researchers outside the Peace Innovation Lab. Here are some simple ways we encourage you to collaborate with us.

  • Read our work, and share your related work with us.
  • Tell us about your projects related to peace innovation (we’re always in learning mode)
  • Share with us new material we may not have seen yet (please)
  • Please contact us to find out how to cite our unusual stuff
  • If you want to collaborate, read about partnership opportunities below
  • To stay updated on opportunities with our lab, join our Facebook group page

Q: I would like to collaborate with Peace Innovation Lab research team on an idea. How do I do that?
A: Due to the high volume of requests, we are unable to reply to all inquiries regarding individual collaborations with the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab.

Q: Can I get involved with the Peace Innovation Lab?
A: Yes, If you’re a prospective student or already a Stanford student interested in the Peace Innovation Lab’s work you can engage with us in a few simple ways:

  • Read this website and the Persuasive Technology Lab website and the materials we’ve created
  • Take BJ Fogg’s next class
  • You can’t join the lab until you take one of BJ Fogg’s classes (some exceptions to this rule)
  • To stay updated on opportunities with our lab, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

While these are the primary ways that you can engage with the lab as a student, there may be other opportunities. Please email Margarita Quihuis with your specific interests.

For Everyone, you can:

Universities can:

  • Launch your own Peace Innovation Lab
  • Participate in multi-university research projects

Q: I’d like a Peace Innovation Lab professor, researcher, or graduate student to give a lecture or presentation at a meeting of my group. How do I schedule this?
A: Speak with Peace Innovation Lab director Margarita Quihuis through her email at quihuis@stanford.edu