May 15th: Persuasive Game Technology

Join Stanford Peace Innovation Lab Co-Director Margarita Quihuis, Stephanie Spong, Peace Innovation Lab Game Designer In Residence Chris Bennett, Albert Chen, and Andrew Mayer for a discussion on how the use of game mechanics can help companies solve problems and create a deeper connection with customers.

How can mobile and social technologies combined with game mechanics create and improve products and services in the real world?

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How to Change Any Bad Habit Using Game Mechanics

“Chris Bennett, an accomplished game designer and expert on game mechanics…”

Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett

The remarkable Mr. Bennett is also Game Designer in Residence at Stanford Peace Innovation Lab, where we have been fortunate to learn a great deal about game mechanics from him–expertise we are applying to elicit positive, pro-social engagement across conflict boundaries. Continue reading How to Change Any Bad Habit Using Game Mechanics