Autumn Qtr Stanford CS 50: CS For Good

The Peace Innovation Lab is sponsoring the Peace Data Standard project this academic year.

This dashboard will provide baseline measurement for all future PeaceTech Entrepreneurs to test against, to ensure their tech is really increasing positive engagement between the communities they are designing for. This will significantly speed up the design, validation, and deployment of all new PeaceTech, which in turn will reduce the cost of PeaceTech development. Reducing cost has the additional effect of reducing the risk for new PeaceTech funders. So ultimately, more PeaceTech gets built, faster.

The Peace Innovation Lab will provide initial Peace Data as needed, from various corporate or government sponsors, to be used during the class.

Oct 18 – 20, 2017 Innogy and Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford: Big5 Workshop San Francisco

Transform Your Organization’s Culture from the Bottom Up

NWoW (the New Way of Working) is innogy’s large transformational program which focuses on improving everyday processes for all 40,000 employees by addressing organizational health, effectiveness and performance with a clear customer focus.

The NWoW program has been distilled into 5 distinct pillars – the five critical leadership practices that enable us to ‘lead from the future’ and handle complexity, innovation and pace.

The Big5:

  1. Leading through purpose and deliverables
  2. Choosing to trust and empower via delegated responsibility
  3. People connecting people through networks and low hierarchy
  4. Working with emotions, feelings and mindfulness
  5. Systemic perceiving through attending to repeating patterns

About the Big5 Workshop

This workshop is ideal for decision makers who want to change their corporate culture and leadership practices. One of the key insights from Innogy’s change journey is the realization that any corporate or leadership transformation starts with the individual. Over the course of these two days, you will explore the Big5 concepts at a personal level and leave with powerful tools and methods that will sharpen your personal leadership. Key outcomes include:

  • Improving your communication skills with your management and team members
  • Enhancing your ability to see behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs in your organization
  • Building trust within your organization
  • Harnessing your emotional awareness and mindfulness to enhance your performance
  • Supercharge your leadership by understanding your meaning and purpose
  • Magnfiy the impact of your personal actions and behaviors on those in the systems around you.

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Past Classes & Workshops

Jul 17 – Aug 5, 2017 Stanford PreCollegiate Studies: Design as Discovery: Peace Technology and Design Thinking

May 11-12 2016 Oslo/Open Innovation Lab of Norway: Rapid Experimental Deal Design

Apr 5-6 2016 Oslo/Open Innovation Lab of Norway: Rapid Experimental Deal Design

Mar 31 2016 Fayetteville: Introduction to Behavior Design, Principles of Persuasive Technology and Peace Innovation

Nov 2015 Finland/Aalto University: Rapid Experimental Deal Design (REDD) Workshop

Sep 2015 The Hague/Univ of Leiden Peace Informatics Lab: Food Security Rapid Prototyping

Sep 2015 Finland/Aalto University: Rapid Experimental Deal Design (REDD) Workshop

Jul 2015 The Hague/Peace Innovation Lab@Hague: Summer Institute

Jul 2015 The Hague/Peace Innovation Lab@Hague: Lab Organizer Workshop

Apr 2015 Bogota: Peace Innovation Workshop

Nov 2014 The Hague/University of  Leiden Peace Informatics Lab: Rapid Innovation Master Class

Oct 2014 Oddsherrod Kommune, Denmark : Peace Innovation Workshop

Fall 2014 Stanford University Getting to Trust in Conflict Environments

2014 Aalborg, Denmark: Peace Innovation Workshop