The Ghent Peace Innovation Lab is part of global network of Peace Innovation Labs initiated by Stanford Peace Innovation Lab.

We want to work with different partners from universities, colleges, private industries, banks, technology partners to make this happen. Everybody is welcome who is action driven and want to build this with us together. We will do meet ups and organise workshops on a regular basis. Margarita and Mark the directors of the Peace Innovation Labs are here to help us in this. Our aim is to create awareness, startups, peace projects , campaigns and so forth.

This week we laid the roots to partner with VUB – SMIT – Mediawijs and Artevelde. iDrops has been a believer from the start and they facilitate in the workshops, minilabs, through iDrops we also made connections with DIY days, we are on a roll

Over peace innovation:
In Peace innovation kijken we naar stedelijke ontwikkeling vanuit verschillende perspectieven. De idee van Peace innvoation wil vooroordelen wegnemen door mensen dichter bij elkaar te brengen in een multiculturele omgeving. We leven steeds dichter tegen elkaar, We kennen onze buren niet meer. Wie zijn allemaal die mensen. Veel conflict situaties ontstaan door deze verschillende kenmerken, het niet kennen, het onbekende, het andere, anders zijn.
Via sociale media laten gebruikers een spoor van data achter. Deze data gebruiken we om conflicten of gelukkige momenten te mappen binnen bepaalde context. En hoe we hier verder mee kunnen. Als we het meten, weten we en kunnen we er ook iets mee doen. We wensen via data en andere aspecten te kijken of we omgevingen kunnen verbeteren, aanpassen of anders bekijken via mobile applicaties, of sociale media interventies.

christel-de-maeyerChristel De Maeyer
Gent Coordinator

An entrepreneur in the digital space with more than 20 years experience. Worked on numerous CD-ROM projects in the 90s, focusing on the international childrens edutainment market. During the internet boom founded a training and consulting company in Macromedia technology and was an offical training partner for Macromedia INC US. My consulting company worked together with media agencies for early internet media campaigns with public television and technology companies like Microsoft, Adobe and others.
Guided startup companies in the digital field at Howest in The Studios business accelerator I set up in 2009.

Advisor on several boards in Belgium:
Media Desk Belgium, Idrops VZW and IWT (R&D for the Flemisch media sector) for her expertise in the new media field. During 2007-2011 I was Chairwoman of steering committee R&D VRT Public Television, Medialab ‘Television in a Digital Age’.

Mentoring in several cross over media labs organized by Media Desk Europe. Social Innovation Labs organized by Idrops VZW.

A member of the Peace Innovation Lab part of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University in California where I also collaborate on behavior change through technology, where my focus today is on wearable sensor devices.

Holds a BA in communication management, and International Master Degree on New Media and Society in Europe – Communication Science – VUB in Brussel.

Latest Gent Activities