Buenos Aires Peace Innovation was launched in Fall 2012 under the leadership of Juan Manuel Menazzi at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Team

Juan Manuel MenazziJuan Manuel Menazzi
Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

Juan Manuel Menazzi is a consultant, entrepreneur and university teacher. He studied and worked mainly in economic development & social initiatives and focused on social projects design & execution for European Union, national & regional Goverments & private entities. Juan Manuel is enthusiast about tech & social interaction and exploring new tools for social projects and interventions.

Juan Manuel leads the Entrepreneurship Center at Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA). Juan Manuel studied Philosophy, Social Sciences & Project Management in Buenos Aires, Milano and Barcelona and received DEA (Ph) with a study about Knowledge Sociology.

Fernando JohannFernando Johan
Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

Fernando is a Materials Science Engineer, working and teaching at Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires. He’s been in biomaterials R&D for four years, but later jumped to start his own business. He has long experience in the field of Idea Communication, hosting the local (Argentinean) chapter of O’Reilly Media IGNITE event and as a TEDx consulting couch.
He has developed innovative processes at firms ranging from small wind energy generation to telecommunication companies. He has taught  entrepreneurship since 2007.
He’s building several start-ups, both as a consultant and as a founder.



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