The Danish lab was established in 2012 at Aalborg University by Professor Morten Karnøe Søndergaard and ass. Professor Niels Einar Veirum in collaboration with directors Mark Nelson and Margarita Quihuis from Stanford University.

In 2014 the lab activity was up-scaled and a new lab was established with Aarhus University.

What we do

We work under the auspices of Stanford University and Stanford Peace Innovation lab. In accordance with this we have the following focus:

We develop quantitative, predictive, computational systems and methods to sense engagement levels and interaction quality across group boundaries. We then provide design frameworks, principles and methodologies to develop Persuasive Technology interventions for measurably increasing positive engagement at scale.
We collaborate with all types of stakeholders on the global scene to bring the best solutions and our current projects cover the themes of peace (non-violence), environmentand health. We firmly believe that persuasive technology interventions can make for a better world.

Aalborg Team

mortenMorten Karnøe Søndergaard
Aalborg University

Morten is partner at Stanford Peace Innovation Lab and a professor at Aalborg University, Denmark. His research has been focused on technological developments, innovation, branch and industrial developments, primarily within the maritime sector. More recently his research focus has been on bridging the gaps between cultural institutions, universities and private businesses when performing innovatively.

In the recent decade, Morten worked with more cultural institutions, museums, and universities in Denmark. He was involved in a multitude of international research projects, both as a contributing participant and as research leader. Morten is a trained historian and holds his PhD. in history from the University of Southern Denmark.

His main areas of interest are culture-driven innovation, cultural commercialization, and private-public innovation.

Niels Einar VeirumNiels Einar Veirum
Aalborg University

Niels is partner at Stanford Peace Innovation Lab and an associated professor at Aalborg University, Denmark. He is a Chartered Surveyor, educated in Participatory City Planning and has a long lasting interest in innovation processes and situated learning across organizational boundaries.

He was involved in numerous information and communication technology R&D projects in academia as well as in the corporate world and on the entrepreneurial scene, spanning from geographical information system, spatial data-mining and hands-on programming over new media productions and e-business consultancy to strategic concepts for e-government dissemination.


Latest Denmark Activities