The Tunis Peace Innovation Lab, is a member of a global network of peace innovation labs initiated by Stanford Peace Innovation Lab.

Q: What is Peace Innovation?

A: Peace Innovation is a new approach to conflict studies that focuses on real world interventions that leverage insights into technology and human interaction to reduce conflict and precursors to conflict.

Q: How do we effect change?

A: We do research in collaboration, open innovation, social computing, persuasive technology & the potential of social networks to change society for the better. All of our research projects are in the field interventions that are data driven, effectively incubating peace startups using our access, resources and prestige as capital.

Our Story

Peace can be driven by simple actions as well as by Technology.
Mobile technologies, social media, big or small (data) : the challenge is to maximise the benefits while minimising the risks.

The inspiration of Stanford Peace Innovation Lab added to your collaboration creates digital solutions for peace and justice.

Dorra Mahbouli

Dorra Mahbouli
Tunis Coordinator

Dorra completed her Masters of Finance at the Hult International Business School in San Francisco Campus and specialized in Corporate Finance from EMLYON Business School in France. She has had previous experience with the Stanford Peace Innovation lab in Palo Alto; she did literature research on the « Peace dividend » and Social business impact and she has two articles in writing process with the assistance of Mark Nelson.

Her finance background has played a key role in Dorra’s work to develop Social Business projects with sustainable outflows that also add value for the economical development, especially in the MENA region.

As the Community Manager at Tunisian Center of Social entrepreneurship, she is working with the team to unlock social innovation and impact investing in Tunisia.

After her financial analysis experience in Dubai, Dorra was selected for project management challenge with the same international group. During this time, she managed over 100 employees and managers with different cultures from 5 Hotel properties, with tight deadlines for social media projects, which were a first for the Hospitality Industry in Dubai. The project made it possible for people from India, Pakistan, Philippine and African countries to learn how to work, have fun together, and deliver effective and nice results that have been shared on social media: Facebook and YouTube.

Dorra currently resides in Tunisia, helping the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford to set up a new social business unit of Peace Innovation Lab in Tunis that, hopefully, would be the first of a series of labs in the MENA Region. Social innovation projects, businesses and research studies would be the outcome of collaborative work of experts from different industries such as: technology, education, development banks, innovation labs, digital marketing, communication, local and international social business units and so on.

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