Peace Innovation Lab Stanford

Sep 1, 2017 CMSWire: Addressing Gender Bias in the Workplace: A New Approach

Jun 2, 2017 Financial Times: Tech World: the serious side to augmented reality

Oct 3, 2016 Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Peace In Our Lifetime? Margarita Quihuis, Co-Director of Stanford Peace Innovation Lab

Oct 13, 2015 Postimees: Postimees teeb otseülekande ülikoolide ja ettevõtjate koostööfestivalilt

May 27, 2015 El Tiempo: Laboratorios para generar paz con innovación, opción para posconflicto

Jan 30, 2015 INNOMAG: Kan flere våpenhandlere gi mer fred og innovasjon?

Dec 30, 2014 CENTER for DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT: Impressions of the South American Business Forum ’14

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May 3, 2013: 5 of the Most Inspiring Peace Initiatives on the Web

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Jul 19, 2011 Forward: Columbia Prof Uses Math To Create World Peace

Mar 29, 2010 HCI for Peace:  Peace innovation from Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab

Peace Innovation Lab Berlin

Aug 2, 2017 UK Guardian: Meet the women using tech to transform the lives of refugees

Apr 25, 2017 Wired: “ET-Bereich”: Als Merkel geflüchtete Nachwuchs-Coder besuchte

Jan 18, 2017 Facebook: Eröffnung des Digitalen Lernzentrums in Berlin

Sep 30, 2016 CNet: Germany taps tech to help refugees find community, fit in

Aug 9, 2016 Forbes: 1.1 Million Refugees Arrive In Germany; This Entrepreneur Goes To Work

Jul 11, 2016 Bloomberg: These Refugees Are Coding Their Way to New Lives in Europe

Mar 8, 2016 BBC News: In pictures: Women making technology work for them

Feb 24, 2016 Quartz: This coding school is teaching Syrian refugees to hack integration

Feb 19, 2016 UK Guardian: The global tech community tackles the refugee crisis

Oct 15, 2015 Forbes: Syrian Refugees Could Fill A Gap For Berlin Startups

Oct 14, 2015 Mashable: Entrepreneurs launch coding school for refugees in Germany

Apr 8, 2015 The Changer: Innovation in Health: Co-Creating for a Healthier Society

Mar 17, 2015 The Changer: How to Grow Crowds for Causes

Apr 4, 2014 The Changer: To Innovate or Not to Innovate? Expert Advice at the Berlin Peace Innovation Lab

Peace Innovation Lab Buenos Aires

Jun 28, 2013 EbizLatam: Laboratorio “ITBA-Stanford” de emprendimientos basados en Tecnologías Persuasivas en Buenos Aires

Jun 27, 2013 Emprendedores News: ITBA, Lab oficial de Stanford


Nov 13, 2012 Portinos: Peace Innovation Lab conjunto del ITBA y Stanford University

Nov 23, 2012: El trabajo de la Universidad de Stanford le da una base científica a nuestro trabajo

Peace Innovation Lab Tunis

Apr 2,2014 WMC DirectInfo: Le lancement de Tunis Peace Innovation Lab: 1er meeting en Tunisle 17 mars 2014 au MIC


May 26, 2011 Fast Company: Hackers For Egypt Advocate For A Better Democracy Through Technology

May 31, 2011 TechDirt: Hacking Egypt For Better Democracy

Manor Labs

Mar 2, 2009 GovFresh, City of Manor launches Manor Labs to crowdsource innovative ideas

Mar 19, 2009 GovFresh, Manor reaches The White House

Nov 1, 2009 Austin American Statesman: Not your ordinary suggestion box: City officials launch Manor Labs as part of Stanford initiative

Nov 9, 2009 CNN, Open Innovation Comes to Manor, Texas

Nov 19, 2009 GovFresh, Manor 2.0 documents ‘Live Government Innovation From Small-Town Texas’

Nov 19, 2009 White House Website, Open Government Laboratories of Democracy

Nov 29, 2010 Fast Company, How an Army of Techies is Taking on City Hall

Jan, 2010 GovFresh, How to Pick a Citizen Idea Platform

Jan, 2010 GovFresh, Whiteboard Innovation: How Manor Ideas Become Solutions

Jan 19, 211 Shareable, The World’s Top 10 Gov 2.0 Initiatives

Mar 21, 2013 GovTech, Innovation Councils Connect Governments with Entrepreneurs

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Apr, 2010 Governing, The Innobucks Start Here

May 20, 2010 GovTech, Manor, Texas, Crowdsources Ideas for Running the Town

June 1, 2010 Federal News Radio, How Manor, Texas, Could Help Your Federal Agency

Sept 20, 2010 White House Website, City in a Box: Municipal Makeover Comes to Texas

Oct 5, 2010 AP, Manor Labs “Bright Idea” Innovator by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance at Harvard University

Mar 18, 2011 TechPresident,  In Search of Ideas: How Counties and Towns are Trying to Tap Citizens’ Smarts

Mar 21, 2013 Fortune, Gavin Newsom: Government Tech is Stuck in the Past

Apr 20, 2013 The Economist, Fixing The Republic

Feb 20, 2015 Isthmus, Hacking for The Common Good


Oct 27, 2009 CNet: Give Peace a Poke

Oct 27, 2009 VentureBeat: Facebook, Stanford Ask  – Can Social Networking Promote World Peace?

Oct 28, 3009 TechPresident: …And Goodwill to Facebook Friends

Oct 28, 2009 Guardian UK: Facebook Project Gives World Peace a Chance

Nov 8, 2009 Design with Intent: Persuasion for Peace

May 12, 2010 Social Times: How CouchSurfing Promotes World Peace


TEDxBayAreaWomen 2013: Margarita Quhuis – A New Definition of Peace

TEDxKRP 2011: Margarita Quihuis – Peace Innovation

TEDxMonterey 2011: Margarita Quihuis – Collective Action for Revolutionaries

TEDxHayward 2011: TEDx Conference Discusses Global Peace Solutions

TTEDxHayward 2011: Video Presentations

Turban Myths

Apr 14, 2017 The Spectator: A Sikh festival with a universal message at its heart

Jan 11, 2016 Washington Post:  Obama White House sends highest-ever official to Sikh house of worship following attacks

Oct 3, 2015 International Business Times: Sikh Boy Films Classmates Calling Him A ‘Terrorist’ On School Bus

Aug 11, 2014 Daily Beast: How Not to Reply to a Racist Tweet

Jun 30, 2014 Fast Company: A New PSA Aims To Reverse Anti-Turban Bias

Oct 3, 2013 Yes Magazine: In Sikh Response to Hateful Beating, A Lesson for Us All

Sep 24, 2013 WSJ: In the U.S., Associating Sikhs With Terrorism

Sep 11, 2013 Express Tribune: 9/11 Attacks: How Turbans Instigate Hate Crime in America