Peace Innovation Lab Stanford

Oct 3, 2016 Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: Peace In Our Lifetime? Margarita Quihuis, Co-Director of Stanford Peace Innovation Lab

Oct 13, 2015 Postimees: Postimees teeb otseülekande ülikoolide ja ettevõtjate koostööfestivalilt

Oct 3, 2015 International Business Times: Sikh Boy Films Classmates Calling Him A ‘Terrorist’ On School Bus

May 27,2015 El Tiempo: Laboratorios para generar paz con innovación, opción para posconflicto

January 30, 2015 INNOMAG: Kan flere våpenhandlere gi mer fred og innovasjon?

Dec 30, 2014 CENTER for DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT: Impressions of the South American Business Forum ’14

Aug 11, 2014 Daily Beast: How Not to Reply to a Racist Tweet

Jun 30, 2014 Fast Company: A New PSA Aims To Reverse Anti-Turban Bias

Feb 11, 2014 Fox News Latino: Peace & Lab: Margarita Quihuis Is A Restless Agent For Change And Innovation

May 3, 2013: 5 of the Most Inspiring Peace Initiatives on the Web

Mar 26, 2013 Harvard Business Review: What Will You Create to Make the World Awesome?

Jan 25, 2013 FutureTalk: Peace Innovation Lab

Jan 23, 2013 Council on Foreign Relations: Ask the Experts: Social Media and Conflict Prevention

Sept 30, 2012 Let them Talk Blog: Peace Innovation

Jul 23, 2012 Carnegie Council Policy Innovations: The Business of Peace

Jul 19, 2011 Forward: Columbia Prof Uses Math To Create World Peace

Mar 29, 2010 HCI for Peace:  Peace innovation from Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab

Peace Innovation Lab Berlin

Feb 19, 2016 UK Guardian: The global tech community tackles the refugee crisis

Mar 8, 2016 BBC News: In pictures: Women making technology work for them

Oct 15, 2015 Forbes: Syrian Refugees Could Fill A Gap For Berlin Startups

Oct 14, 2015 Mashable: Entrepreneurs launch coding school for refugees in Germany

Apr8, 2015 The Changer: Innovation in Health: Co-Creating for a Healthier Society

Mar 17, 2015 The Changer: How to Grow Crowds for Causes

Apr 4, 2014 The Changer: To Innovate or Not to Innovate? Expert Advice at the Berlin Peace Innovation Lab

Peace Innovation Lab Buenos Aires

Jun 28, 2013 EbizLatam: Laboratorio “ITBA-Stanford” de emprendimientos basados en Tecnologías Persuasivas en Buenos Aires

Jun 27, 2013 Emprendedores News: ITBA, Lab oficial de Stanford


Nov 13, 2012 Portinos: Peace Innovation Lab conjunto del ITBA y Stanford University

Nov 23, 2012: El trabajo de la Universidad de Stanford le da una base científica a nuestro trabajo

Peace Innovation Lab Tunis

Apr 2,2014 WMC DirectInfo: Le lancement de Tunis Peace Innovation Lab: 1er meeting en Tunisle 17 mars 2014 au MIC



May 26, 2011 Fast Company: Hackers For Egypt Advocate For A Better Democracy Through Technology

May 31, 2011 TechDirt: Hacking Egypt For Better Democracy

Manor Labs

Nov 1, 2009 Austin American Statesman: Not your ordinary suggestion box: City officials launch Manor Labs as part of Stanford initiative


Oct 27, 2009 CNet: Give Peace a Poke

Oct 27, 2009 VentureBeat: Facebook, Stanford Ask  – Can Social Networking Promote World Peace?

Oct 28, 3009 TechPresident: …And Goodwill to Facebook Friends

Oct 28, 2009 Guardian UK: Facebook Project Gives World Peace a Chance

Nov 8, 2009 Design with Intent: Persuasion for Peace

May 12, 2010 Social Times: How CouchSurfing Promotes World Peace


TEDxBayAreaWomen 2013: Margarita Quhuis – A New Definition of Peace

TEDxKRP 2011: Margarita Quihuis – Peace Innovation

TEDxMonterey 2011: Margarita Quihuis – Collective Action for Revolutionaries

TEDxHayward 2011: TEDx Conference Discusses Global Peace Solutions

TTEDxHayward 2011: Video Presentations