hack4egypt_FotorIn 2011, the Peace Innovation Lab, in partnership with the Liberation Technology program and the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford coordinated a series of activities under the project Cloud to Street.  Cloud to Street brought Egyptian democracy rights activists to work side by side with Stanford students and Silicon Valley innovators over two consecutive Hack4Egypt events to bring insights on new technologies and applications that could be created to support activists during the Arab Spring.



  • Constitute: a structured database of constitutions to enable people to compare and contrast other countries’ constitutions as they undergo their own national projects for constitutional change.
  • Web platform to allow interested citizens to train themselves to monitor the September 2011 Parliamentary election
  • Interactive tool to inform Egyptian citizens about candidates for that election, and once they are elected, to inform Parliamentarians of their concerns and rate them on their efforts to deliver.



We the Crowd? Constitutional Reform 2.0

May 26, 2011 Fast Company: Hackers For Egypt Advocate For A Better Democracy Through Technology

May 31, 2011 TechDirt: Hacking Egypt For Better Democracy