Due to an overwhelming number of applicants, we will notify you only if you have been accepted into the program. Thank you for your interest! All the best. 

The Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford is launching our 2017 incubator program for PeaceTech entrepreneurs. We are looking for applicants to develop PeaceTech Applications to Bridge the Gender Divide.

Our application review process begins on June 31st, and the deadline to apply for the fall cohort is August 20th.

In previous years we have looked at issues around food, water, and energy security as key contributors to both peace and conflict, and the use of social media to increase positive engagement across national boundaries.

Prior PEiR cohorts have produced two funded startups including Gerard Rego’s food security startup, Aggregator and James Ehrlich’s ReGen Villages; and an internationally recognized citizen diplomacy campaign including Ronny Edry’s Israel Loves Iran campaign.

What is PeaceTech?

“PeaceTech” is any technology that can measurably increase positive engagement between two different groups of people across various difference boundaries. For example, an app that primarily increases fair trade between Buddhists and Muslims focuses on bridging a specific religious difference boundary.  These difference boundaries vary to create specific or general target groups of users. While, a more general app like Uber, measurably increases positive engagement between broader groups like riders and passengers. Uber simultaneously increases positive engagement across many different boundaries, including age, gender, culture, language, and much more.

PeaceTech Applications to Bridge the Gender Divide

For this ten-week cohort, we are prioritizing PeaceTech that primarily bridges the gender difference boundary, specifically between the group identities of women and men. In short, our theory of change is to increase focus on the development of technologies designed to help prioritize positive engagement between men and women in tech.  If this can be successful in the Silicon Valley, then these changes will ripple to the user and supplier ecosystems, at a scale and speed that can’t easily be replicated by policy or other approaches.

Proposed solutions need to address the following design considerations:

  • How will your technology measurably increase positive engagement between men and women?
    • Within your organization?
    • As a product or service?
  • What specific positive engagement behavior will you focus on?
  • What types of behavior data will you collect that can be analyzed to view cross-boundary interaction
  • How will you measure where behavior interactions flow across difference boundaries and where they do not.
  • How will you know if it works?  What are your intended defined, measurable outcomes of your intervention?

PEiR as part of the Peace Innovation Process

The peace innovation process starts by bringing together stakeholders from all sides of a conflict with a first-hand, highly detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing their communities. With support from experts from Stanford, these stakeholders articulate, rapidly prototype, and propose solutions to design challenges facing their community. As participants are developing innovative solutions to their problems, engineers and investors are looking for concrete business opportunities to build and invest in. This results in:

  • Socially and economically beneficial partnerships and joint ventures
  • Valuable and marketable new PeaceTech products and services
  • High resolution, real-time data about the key stakeholder groups, which can be used by researchers, policymakers, and communities.

In the case of PEiR corporate intrapreneurs, they would go out into their organizations and markets to find stakeholders and customers for their gender-focused solutions.

Proposed Application Deadline

PeaceTech entrepreneurs are invited to apply for the first cohort starting on January 31st. Deadline is February 20th.

Quick PEiR program FAQ

Who should apply?

  • Intrapreneurs, working on a project that increases positive engagement between genders in their established tech company.
  • Entrepreneurs, building a startup that increases positive engagement between genders in tech.
  • SF Bay Area entrepreneurs and Corporate Intrapreneurs may apply for the first cohort.
  • Interested applicants from others regions may subscribe for our next cohort.
  • Special consideration, if you are a current Stanford student.
  • We accept projects in the MVP or prototype stages of development.

What is the PEiR program?
We help your startup get to the next stage of development as quickly as possible. The next stage may vary from seed funding to entry into an accelerator program that is determined after your acceptance in the program.

Learn whether your idea works/customers want it. Connect with the right investors and advisors to accelerate your growth. With relevant corporations to acquire customers.

  • We don’t offer funding. We support and introduce you to the right investors so that you may fundraise.
  • We don’t take equity.
  • Become a pioneer in a new sector: PeaceTech

What do we provide?

  • A 10-week program to incubate your PeaceTech concept and create an impactful for-profit PeaceTech business.
  • An invaluable network of investors, advisors, potential clients, suppliers and distributors, acquirers, accelerators (ie. StartX), and corporations that have or need PeaceTech products or services and other PeaceTech entrepreneurs.


  • Monthly Workshops about PeaceTech
  • Monthly private VC lunches
  • Monthly KPI meetings for metric check-ins
  • Weekly virtual KPI meeting for metric check-ins
  • Pitch workshops