jessiepicsquareJessie Mooberry

Jessie Mooberry is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Stanford University’s Peace Innovation Lab where she builds & teaches about Peace Technology. She is a humanitarian UAV practitioner, built the first humanitarian cargo UAV nonprofit, and is a frequent speaker and writer for such venues as CES, CES Asia, Commercial UAV Show Asia, USAid, Drone 360 Magazine, and Build Peace.

Her current work includes mentoring & building businesses to support and empower Syrian refugees, working directly with a local NGO in the Middle East to plan humanitarian drone cargo delivery programs in the MENA region, building ICT and network technology to prevent violence, and writing & speaking internationally to use neutral technology positively. 

Jessie is a Social Enterprise Fellow for the Ariane de Rothschild Foundation at Cambridge University. Jessie sits on the Board of People’s Light theater in Malvern, Pa. Also, she has her commercial drone license, and soon will have her Private Pilot’s license.

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