peacedotfb2009Launched in October 2009, PeaceDot’s goal is simple: persuade any individual, organization or corporation with a website to create a peace subdomain that spotlights what they are doing to help promote peace in the world.  So far, over 50 sites ranging from Facebook to the Dalai Lama FoundationSourceForge to CouchSurfing, in multiple languages have created peace dot pages around the world.

Feedback, Lessons Learned, Next Steps

For many organizations, Peace Dot presents an opportunity to showcase their CSR efforts and make a statement about peace.  The desire for metrics proved an obstacle for some organizations to sign up because they either didn’t collect such data or confidentiality concerns around their data.  As we moved beyond data and tech-centric Silicon Valley, the metrics proved to be a discouragement.  As such, we’re separating the metrics into its own project (see more later).  Peace Dot instead will be a place for individuals, organizations and companies to express their peace efforts in a way that’s relevant to them.

Going forward, we will be developing a new PeaceDot 2.0 dashboard and analytics to allow corporations and the data rich organizations to share their peace data.


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