An invitation from Stanford Peace Innovation Lab:

How can we take better care of each other in a global crisis, using your domain expertise? 

A call to professors, researchers, and students around the world. 

Humans have a powerful ability to form extraordinary communities and collaborations in crisis. Stanford Peace Innovation Lab welcomes colleagues from around the world. Come use your specialized expertise to build a collaborative global research response to the coronavirus crisis. 

First addressing the economic and social impact, we will use fast, massively parallel experiments, citizen science, crowd-sourcing, and augmenting technology to quickly share and scale up successful results at the intersection of your expertise and a positive peace response. 

How can we collectively create a stronger, more resilient world than if this had never happened? Come find the answers with us–and help build the worldwide research community you’ll want to be part of in any crisis.

Sounds interesting? We are building the response week by week. Sign up now if you have the time, interest, and passion to use your expertise for a better world.