Paul Chappell Talk @ Stanford – Part II

This is the second in a series on Captain Paul K. Chappell.


Paul says the turning point of his thinking came with what he learned at West Point. The truth about modern warfare is that it is about winning hearts and minds, not killing the most people. Modern technology, such as the Internet, mass media, cell phones and YouTube, has forced war to evolve. Since the hearts and minds can be won through technology, wars are fought on CNN, Fox News and Al Jazeera as much as they are in battle. These technologies can be used to fuel a war, or they can be used to win hearts and minds without the battle.

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The Peace Innovation Lab is a new initiative from Stanford’s¬†Persuasive Technology Lab. ¬†Launched in Spring 2010, the PI Lab is focused on casting a spotlight on how technology and emerging social behaviors and insights are promoting new paths to global peace.

Our steps for creating a peace technology infrastructure include:

  1. peace technology course at Stanford
  2. blogging about peace technology examples
  3. creating direction of peace technology initiatives
  4. developing an analytics/metrics framework for measuring pro-social behaviors across social media platforms
  5. developing teaching materials
  6. preparing to fund trials
  7. creating network of peace innovation labs
  8. systematic insights (resources)

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